Manufacturers of Android smartphones will have to pay Google for using their apps


The fine imposed on Google by the European Commission, worth 4,300 million euros , begins to have consequences. The search engine company, in its eagerness to comply with the requirements of the highest European body that looks after the competition, at least until the resource presented by the technology is decided, has announced a stack of measures to overcome the mismatch. In essence, manufacturers will have to pay a fee to the Internet giant if they want to continue to include their apps and services associated with Google Play.

Google had until November 29, but the big G has taken action on the matter and, as detailed in his official blog, the measures studied to meet the imposition of the European Commission will take effect on October 29 . Some measures that will pass through the box to manufacturers in what seems a transitory strategy until the final outcome of the appeal sent to the General Court of the European Union.

What will change in European Android phones after the fine to Google

The origin of the conflict

Android is free. Any manufacturer wishing to use it on their devices can do so freely, although previously they had to sign a license with which they committed to a series of commitments with Google services, as well as install by default strategic applications for Google such as the search engine or the web browser, Chrome. Manufacturers of Android smartphones will have to pay Google for using their apps

However, the ruling that condemned Google in the European Union for its dominant position will establish new legal bases for the use of Android in smartphones, tablets and any other device with the green robot system.

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Google Play now has a price

First, there will be no restrictions for those manufacturers that wish to use Android and not include Google services. The truth is that the difference is shown on the other side of the ring. Any manufacturer that wants to include Google Play and associated services on their smartphones will have to pay a license. A payment of which no amount is known, but which will make distinctions depending on the type of app. For example, it will be possible to pay a fee for the content store and in parallel opt for other inexpensive formulas to maintain Google Search or Google Chrome

This new business model designed by Google to avoid future sanctions will be implemented on October 29. Since then, every smartphone that includes Google services and the app store will be taxed. An additional cost that will fall on the manufacturer. However, it is still not entirely clear how this decision can affect the final user, since to know, the costs that the GApps will have from now on have not been disclosed.

Of course, this new policy and trade agreement will be valid only in the European Economic Area, where the verdict of the European Commission is valid.

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