Lowi gives 60 GB of data to all its customers this summer


Throughout the last weeks we are seeing how the companies “get pretty” for the summer. After knowing the Jazztel offers Y Amena and see how Vodafone gives GB to its customers using the 2018 World Cup in Russia as an excuse. Now the great Lowi’s offer , the second operator of the latter.

While some companies give twice as many GB contracted, or amounts that sometimes approach 30 GB, Lowi “Break” the market and give away 60 GB throughout the summer. The promotion is available both to the clients of the brand and to all those users who approach the operator to contract their services. In addition, the company’s summer promotion is available for all mobile and fiber + mobile rates.

How to get the free 60GB of Lowi

it seems that after the presentation of O2, the new telephone operator that offers 20 GB and unlimited calls for 20 euros per month , its most direct competitors are “throwing themselves into the pool” (never better said) in summer to mitigate the good reception of it. Lowi is one of O2’s main competitors and now offers a bonus of 60 GB free to all your customers. It will be enjoyable from today 14 June and until August 31 and you will have to activate it from the My Lowi app.

Lowi gives 60 GB of data to all its customers this summer

These free 60GB of Lowi are added to the GB that you already have contracted in your monthly rate, but you will start to consume the bonus gigs first. If for whatever reason you end up (you can spend the whole month watching movies on Netflix), you will spend the data of that month of your rate, plus those that you have accumulated from previous months.

In addition to this gift, you can aspire to get others 60 GB of free data to navigate, as long as it remains active Lowi summer promotion , and among those who have activated the bonus of 60 GB free, the company will draw another bonus of the same capacity to spend from September 1 to December 31. Specifically, the operator to raffle 1,456 new bonds.

This offer is in addition to the increase of GB that at the beginning of years the brand applied to its 5 and 8 gig rates , which now have 7 and 12 GB per month to navigate at the same price as before. All the operator’s fees in their different modalities can benefit from the 60 GB gift bonus from Lowi .

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