What should we look at before investing in a company?

Before investing in a new company or business, it can be evaluated on a number of indicators.

For me (author of the original text), the working group is the first and most important factor in deciding whether to invest or not. This is more important in cases where the project is in its early stages. I usually look for the founders who Serious determination , Unobtrusive insight And Unusual prehistory have. Starting a company a lot Energy , Focus And Endurance (Especially at critical moments and difficult decisions). Unusual background means to have A special point of view , Without sacrificing normal status, Ability to take risks And tend to do different things.

Specifically, from my point of view, three features in one founder are more important: Show Achievements , Learning And Power of speech . Showing individual achievements, whether in the field of higher education or in the professional or personal field, is an indicator of endurance and an accurate indicator for assessing the individual’s ability to deepen his career. If these achievements are related to the company’s scope of work, it would certainly be much better.

Learning is vital. The range of companies that grow very fast has exceeded the capacity of all employees in a work team. The ability and willingness of a founder to learn and raise awareness, to expand the company, and to grow through to becoming a significant business. The best founders I’ve been dealing with will evade knowledge and information from anyone.

The power of a person’s speech is usually ignored in abilities. But one must be persuaded and inspired by many as a founder. This will not be possible without strong technology. This does not mean that you have to be a person like Steve Jobs; but storytelling and the power of expression appear in a variety of ways; Intensity of action Up to The eloquence of the word .

At a later stage, I look at the business model and the business and market. Market measurement is very difficult. Some of the best companies and businesses (including Dropbox) were not, in the first place, far beyond a small market, but eventually turned into a booming business. Some markets are never expanding, and their elimination and failure are not at all difficult; but in other cases, we have markets that have a lot of audiences. The question is whether it is possible to build and market such a market. I am always asking what if? I ask myself. What if the team has found its insights and applied it to the creation of a large market? What if a company can handle a big market for itself? If the answer is yes and the constituent team really understands its market and dynamism and has a long-term vision, then this is a gambling project worthy of investment.


But in the case of companies that have passed the initial stages and are in the middle of the way, our attitude must be to Work team And data Be At this stage, there is information about customers and the market, and we can examine existing figures so that we can see the correct vision of the financial future and the growth of the project. We can also chat with members of the group, customers and other investors to provide more accurate information about the work of the team. By examining a sentence of these factors, we can see if a team has a job You are steady , Long-term heroic role (More than five years old) and Much stretch For customer or not. From the team, the key point I follow is the desire to make a massive and thriving business. This desire is reflected in the enthusiasm for focusing on talents and re-evaluating the quality of work and organizational structure. Founders who give special attention to talent and maintain the necessities can create great opportunities and opportunities.

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