Live Albums in Google Photos. What they are and how they are created


Between the presentation of and the , yesterday Google was announcing a new tool for Google Photos that is coming today to the iOS and Android applications. We are talking about Live Album , a function that aims to organize all your photos automatically thanks to the artificial intelligence that the company applies in its photo app.

This tool comes to make it easier to create albums of all those people with whom more photos we make, whether our partner, our children or our dog. Google indicates that these live albums make it easy to share memories through Google Photos, because in addition to creating them, it is possible to transform any album we have into the application into a live album. This new tool of Google Photos takes advantage of the advanced features of facial recognition of Android and iOS to create albums that can be updated automatically with photos of a person without the user having to add images manually.

How to create a Live Album

Creating a Live Album is not complicated, because we are given the option of doing it as soon as we create a new set of photographs as we have been doing until now. From the main Google Photos window, choose the option to create a new album and you will be automatically presented with the option to add photos of people and animals automatically . At this point, simply choose the people or pets you want Google Photos to automatically add to the album for you. From now on, every time you make a photo where the registered people appear, Google Photos will add them to the Live Album automatically, without even opening the app.

Live Albums in Google Photos. What they are and how they are created

Once the live album has been created and updated with each new photo, you can share it with family and friends so they can be part of special moments as we capture them, without the need for manual updates.

Live albums are progressively coming to Android, iOS and the web version of Google Photos , but it may take a couple of days to get to your mobile, as we have seen in our meat. This function joins the that allow you to even capture photos before pressing the shutter release button.

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