Like the new iPad Pro: that's how the 2019 iPhone design would look on video


Apple recently faced the necessary update of the design line of its tablets with the new iPad Pro 2018 . An aspect marked mainly by the sharp lines of the sides of the housing and marked reduction of the frames of the screen . An aspect that reminded somehow the disruptive iPhone 4 with metal frame. What if the design of the 2019 iPhone turned towards that look? Here is a conceptual video of what it would look like.

The design of a smartphone is a key aspect of the success that a company can achieve. In the case of Apple , very committed to the aesthetics of its products, we can see the evolution of the same in their phones during the last years. The move from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4 managed to capture the attention of the general public. He did it again with the iPhone 6 , but since then his iPhones have had a more discreet evolution in the design section, with the adaptation of the glass in the iPhone 8 and up, as well as the iPhone X as the newest in recent years. .

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IPhone design of 2019, in video

Although iPhone sales have remained stable, Apple’s growth path seems to have stalled. Those of Cupertino have reached a ceiling in the market and a signal is the immediate reaction of announcing that they will stop publishing the number of iPhones sold in the information dossier of each quarterly financial year. Like the new iPad Pro: that's how the 2019 iPhone design would look on video

How to stimulate sales in a market such as high-end smartphones where iPhones are the most expensive models? One of the keys can be in the renewal of the design, flagship section in the development of each Apple device.

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With the essence of the iPhone 4

Given this perspective, the guys of EverythingApplePro have released a video in which you can see a recreation of how the design of the 2019 iPhone could be shown, all based on the renewal of the iPad Pro 2018.

The video clip reviews every inch of the housing of what could be Apple’s future iPhone, the iPhone 11 . In essence, it would be like looking at the past, rescuing the lines of the iPhone 4 and merging them with the current market trend.

The truth is that the video with this imaginary iPhone XI causes us to reflotar the series of recreations that once promoted the possible design of the second generation iPhone SE , the one that seems that Apple has left in oblivion for a couple of years.

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