LG’s limited edition is more expensive than the iPhone / Xbox

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LG Signature Edition is priced at $ 1,800 and more expensive than the iPhone X (10) in Korea.

According to the report, LG will only make up 300 of the new limited edition device, which looks like it’s V30, and will cost $ 1,800.

The Limited Edition of this handset is going to the Korean market, with the iPhone 6 sold at 1.6 million won.

In terms of office, last week the mobile unit was moved to a subdivision of the TV and home appliance unit, and the executive director, Joe Seung-Jin, started the brand-name of the Siginchir with home appliances and earned significant profits for the company.

LG’s limited edition is more expensive than the iPhone / Xbox

But in the manufacture of the carbon-fiber chip, the special materials used to make the watch are designed in black and white, yet simple, original and dignified, and the back of the phone is also made of zirconium ceramic to remain scratch-resistant.

So you can use the phone without a cover.

The 6-inch front-facing display, Android 8.0, 6GB of RAM, and 256-gigabytes of internal memory, wireless charging, 3,300 mAh battery and LG electronic payment make it a luxury and affordable device.

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