LEAGOO defends itself: “our mobiles do not have a virus”

LEAGOO defends itself: "our mobiles do not have a virus"

A week ago, analysts from the web Dr.Web published the discovery of a new “Trojan” virus present in more than 40 mobile of Chinese range. Among them, they were neither more nor less than 10 smartphones of the LEAGOO brand.

On the occasion of this accusation, today the Chinese firm has published on its official blog a note with a series of arguments that try to deny the existence of any kind of malware on their smartphones, mobiles that have been the subject of news more than once here at Andro4all.

LEAGOO denies the existence of preinstalled malware in its terminals

At the beginning of 2017, LEAGOO suffered a similar “misunderstanding”. Some of his mobiles were accused of carrying malware pre-installed The Chinese firm stated that said malware it came out of files .APK pre-installed by different operators for advertising purposes , and launched a global update to eliminate them completely.

Consequently, LEAGOO argues that these new studies are totally false, since in their day they took the necessary measures so that these false detections did not happen again . The Chinese firm lets us understand in a certain way that many virus detections are derived from “different algorithms and detection mechanisms of malware “They are not adapted to Chinese software.

LEAGOO defends itself: "our mobiles do not have a virus"

The thing does not end here: the Chinese firm and main technological sponsor of the Tottenham F.C. inform that will take legal action against the media that reported these alleged “false accusations” since they damaged the reputation of the company. Finally, LEAGOO adds that “it will integrate these foreign malware detection algorithms” to avoid possible misunderstandings in the future.

You can read the report that incriminates LEAGOO and many more Chinese firms on the official Dr.Web page . You can also take a look at LEAGOO’s answer in his official blog . If you want to read more about Chinese smartphones and their latest news, do not hesitate to spend for its dedicated category . Tell me,

Do you think there is malicious software on some Chinese smartphones?

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