Leading crypto money market Binance broke BNB record

The world’s largest crypto money exchange the building of the BNB, Bitcoin To the highest level of all time against.

BNB today it reached 0.002287 BTC at TSI 13.45. The sharp rally was above the BNB’s market capitalization of $ 1.9 billion, the highest level in five months. BNB has become the biggest 17th crypto money.

Moreover, the rally has been supported with a 155% increase in trading volume over the last 48 hours. Therefore, the rise of BNB seems to be sustainable.

Leading crypto money market Binance broke BNB record

The BNB also reached 17.36 against the dollar during the day. The BNB / BTC and BTC / USDT pairs account for more than 85 percent of the trade over the past 24 hours.

Looking at the development of Binance Binance Coin It’s no surprise that it’s worth so much. Having lapsed his seat in the first place in volume recently with Huobi and OKEx, Binance became the world’s biggest crypto money market and took back his seat.

The company, which has announced that it has established a $ 1 billion investment fund supported by BNB in ​​the past days, has started its investments through this mutual fund. In addition, it is reported that the stockbroker set up a bank account in Malta today.

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