Lawnchair: when the Pixel Launcher knows you little


Today we want to talk about Lawnchair , a “launcher” that already with its name brings us a game of words quite identifiable and that is giving much to talk among the community of Android users. It is a launcher developed by an XDA user called deletescape and that is intended for all those Pixel Launcher users who would like to enjoy more features than the Google launcher offers.

Lawnchair is a open source project that according to its creator will always be free and that gives us a multitude of customization options, to the point that some consider it the successor of the popular Nova Laucnher .

We have installed it in our smartphone to give it an opportunity and the truth is that the user experience has been quite satisfactory.

Adapt your smartphone to your liking with Lawnchair

The intention of Lawnchair was enlarge the functionalities of Pixel Launcher and the truth is that its creator has achieved it. The main characteristic that we have found to this launcher is that it is tremendously easy to use, but at the same time offers a multitude of customization options in terms of design to be able to configure the desktop and the drawer of applications in many different ways.

Among the configuration possibilities offered by Lawnchair we find the following:

  • Possibility to install icon packages
  • Configurable application names
  • Possibility of hiding applications
  • Adaptive themes
  • Configurable multi-row dock
  • Transparencies for the application drawer
  • Possibility to change the size of the icons
  • Google Now Tab
  • Configurable grid size
  • UI diffused

In our slight experience of using it, we have seen how the stability of Lawnchair is excellent, as well as the fluidity of it. It has recently stopped being beta and has also included a night mode, but there are still more features to come, as its creator has promised a version 2 based on Material Desing 2 which will include the source Google Sans .

Despite all the functions included in this launcher, we miss some functions as a greater freedom when creating folders, since we will not be able to create them inside the application drawer.

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Nor do they make an appearance gestures on screen and for those of us who are used to working with several desktops, sometimes it is a bit difficult for us to adapt to this launcher; but otherwise, his experience of use is excellent and we recommend that you take a look if what you want is a Pixel launcher much richer in functions.

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