Kimbho, the Indian alternative to WhatsApp that you will not like to know

Kimbho, the Indian alternative to WhatsApp that you will not like to know

The first time we heard about Kimbho we take it almost as a joke, and that is Indian alternative to WhatsApp It was too green to be taken seriously. Neither did his developers and / or promoters, Acharya Balkrishna and Baba Ramdev, invite maximum optimism. billionaire and yoga teacher respectively , in a launch that turned out to be chaos …

The service had important security flaws that even involved the possibility of seeing conversations of other users, some major problems that implied their withdrawal on the second day of life , both of the iOS platform and Android.

And yet, it seems that the great interest awakened and the more than 300,000 downloads in just a few hours They encouraged the developers to continue the project, stating that it was only a preliminary version and that “soon” they would have more news.

A couple of months after that presentation last May, we have Advances with Kimbho, the WhatsApp ‘Tandoori’ , that would be ready in a couple of months according to the yoga guru Baba Ramdev has confirmed.

It is no coincidence that the Indians want to compete with WhatsApp …

All similarity between Kimbho and WhatsApp is a dose of alarming reality , and that is because the name of the Indian service alludes to the same expression of greeting to which the company now referenced by Facebook: WhatsApp is very similar to ‘Whats up’ in English, while ‘Kimbho’ is an expression in Sanskrit used also when greeting .

Kimbho also wants to copy the strategy of a global messaging service, integrated in mobile devices, and allowing not just keep text conversations , but send audio messages, make video calls or send stickers and images.

In his presentation de facto, he referred to “Conduct a serious competition to WhatsApp” , and it’s no coincidence that in India, a country of recognized talent for computer science and software development , there are people who want to create their own messaging service to compete, at least initially, in a growing market like yours .

The example of Whatsapp could not be better, because it is a buoyant service and continues to grow, now practically become a de facto standard in a competitive messaging market, where not even a giant like Google has been able to get his little leg successfully. Will there still be part of the pie to be distributed?

Kimbho, the Indian alternative to WhatsApp that you will not like to know

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Kimbho asks for two more months to become older

We will still have to wait two more months , according to the owners of the company Patanjali, to check the maturity of a service launched in diapers as a balloon probe , and that seems to have convinced almost instantaneous users and traffic:

During the testing phase of the application, received a large amount of traffic. However, we were still only in a pilot phase and the preparations are in progress. We need about two more months to finish configuring the application, since we must analyze the complexities of manipulating large amounts of user traffic.

Baba Ramdev

The official launch is delayed beyond this summer, after detecting numerous unforgivable security failures and qualified as “a disaster” by security experts the likes of Frenchman Elliot Alderson, who discovered the problem with the OTP system of the application.

Apparently, they have hired several security experts to review the protocols of Kimbho and that the service is ready at his official arrival, although what does not seem that they are going to change is the interface, very criticized in case seemed more than reasonable – almost brazen – with WhatsApp .

At least, they assure that their application will improve the service devised by Jan Koum in many aspects, derived mainly in adapting to the needs of the Indian market. There are not many more details so for the moment, you will surely want to continue to ignore Kimbho.



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