Kazakhstan’s Crypto Paralara Increases

Kazakhstan's Crypto Paralara Increases
Kazakhstan's Crypto Paralara Increases

According to Internet service provider Yandex’s research, in Kazakhstan this year, compared to the year 2017, it appeared that crypto money terms were searched a few times more.

The survey shows that search ratios started to increase in June last year and reached the highest level in September. In Kazakhstan, Yandex has the most “What is Bitcoin, what is Blockchain, what is ICO? and what is Mining? ” the most asked question when Bitcoin’s value was found to be 20.000 dollars in December “What is Bitcoin?” It was.

Other popular searches in Kazakhstan in 2017, “Can students work with Bitcoin ?, How is Bitcoin printing ?, Simple words and phrases from Blockchain? and which mining services really pay? ” it was on issues.

According to the survey, Yandex users in Kazakhstan, compared to 2017 in 2018, “Crypto money” the term 15 times, “Graphics cards for mining” 10 times more than the term.

Kazakh users compared to the first months of last year “Bitcoin” While I was killing 7 times more, “ICO” dialing calls also increased 4 times.

In addition to these exciting search increases, Kazakhstan also announced that in November, when the Astana International Finance Center signed an agreement with a Maltese broker, they want to release government-sponsored crypt money. Also in November, Kazakhstan authorities also announced that they intend to create a lobby group for crypt money and Blockchain talks to introduce this new technology.

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