JerryRigEverything disembowels the Pocophone F1: Have you saved Xiaomi costs in its construction?

JerryRigEverything disembowels the Pocophone F1: Have you saved Xiaomi costs in its construction?

Xiaomi had already shown us a video , and yet many of us still had doubts about where the Chinese manufacturer would have saved costs to get

However, there are positive surprises with its construction and it is not a biased or advantageous information, because the Little F1 has passed through the hands of Zack Nelson who gut us to let us see all its secrets. Who the hell is Zack Nelson? Surely you will know more if we talk about your channel JerryRigEverything, one of the most reputed in the industry.

As you will see in the video below, the disassembly of the Pocophone F1 shows a high quality assembly in which the protagonists are the screws, avoiding almost completely the use of the annoying adhesive that complicates the repair of this type of dispositives:

The only glue is in the fixation of the battery, to which we can easily access by removing two screws in the lower frame and later disengaging the back cover , which comes out next to the side frame and one piece by pressing to release the staples plastic

Going into interesting details, the interior of the device has moisture detectors to reveal damage by liquids, so if you have one you must be very careful with wetting , because the Pocophone F1 does not have any protection or certification of resistance.

Be that as it may, the star of the disassembly is obviously the vaunted system of thermal dissipation in which Zack stops thoroughly to discover that indeed the copper heatpipe contains liquid in addition to a large amount of thermal paste , although this liquid evaporates instantly when cutting the metal heatsink Liquid cooling is not a specification that usually decorate devices of approximately 300 euros …

The Pocophone F1 is well built, and is also resistant …

In addition, we also have the usual resistance test of JerryRigEverything in video, which shows a Pocophone F1 more than solvent despite its plastic casing in all tests. Many times we do not understand why we have thrown away polycarbonate so fast …

The device bends when applying force, but recovers its original position without problems thanks to the good torsion of its materials. In addition, when applying heat the screen shows “dead” pixels that come back to life once it cools, and the scratch tests show the expected results : the plastic is easily marked but the crystals used are of good quality.

A device this Pocophone F1 that seems above its price not only in specifications, because its construction is good and its resistance is adequate for those who wish to buy it and do not expect a change in the short term. What do you think of the construction of the Little F1?

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