It's your moment: now you can buy a Galaxy S8 for only 389 euros


The price of Galaxy S8 pierces minimums in Amazon and is placed in only 389 euros . An unparalleled offer to date, at least in the retail market, given that for less than 400 euros we can acquire one of the most representative smartphones of the brand. Despite having more than a year, by design, screen and camera becomes a master purchase.

Use models fresh from the oven within the premium mid-range or take advantage of the great offers we can find for high-end models with more than a year in the market. That is the doubt that many potential buyers may encounter. Everything depends on tastes, opinions … and circumstances. For those who choose the price reductions that affect models with “solera”, we bring you one of the most interesting options.

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The price of the Galaxy S8 drops even more

While we are not facing the price level of the LG G6 , as we left patent a few days ago, the latest price decline of the Galaxy S8 on Amazon makes even more attractive the purchase of Samsung’s high-end. It's your moment: now you can buy a Galaxy S8 for only 389 euros

It is because the amount of the Samsung Galaxy S8 in black and Spanish version is currently set at 389 euros . Yes, below 400 euros. A model that still has to receive the update of Android 9 Pie and other security patches, at least during the next year.

389,00 EUR EUR 389.00 EUR

However, for those who want to look a little higher in the Samsung catalog, today we have also recorded the offer of the Samsung Galaxy S9 , available for 489 euros through distributors of the Amazon platform and 499 euros by means of the Amazon itself. It's your moment: now you can buy a Galaxy S8 for only 389 euros

If you want to take the rest, you may also be interested in the best price of the Huawei P20 Pro to date . And is that the Twilight color model is available for just over 610 euros, with almost 300 euros discount.

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Samsung Galaxy A6, also on offer

If even being low, the price of the Galaxy S8 is far from your budget, you can also analyze some other proposals without leaving the catalog of Samsung. At this point, Amazon also offers us very interesting alternatives, such as the Samsung Galaxy A6 .

Samsung Galaxy A6 data sheet

The smartphone, included in the mid-range, can be bought on sale at a discount of 33%, something that we can translate into 100 euros less than the official price stipulated by the manufacturer. In short, we have the option to buy a Samsung Galaxy A6 at a price of 199 euros in its Spanish version and in black.


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