It’s much easier to pay with Bunny Tokens!

It's much easier to pay with Bunny Tokens!
It's much easier to pay with Bunny Tokens!

Bunny is preparing to join the market as a crypto money developed for payment transactions on platforms where adult content is brought to the user. The pre-sale crypto money is not only offering unique opportunities to its users, but also plans to revitalize the sector it aims to enter.

We have witnessed many technological innovations in our lives over the years, and it is not day after day that we should not encounter any new developments in technology. For example, we can see that the latest models and advanced technological devices have begun to be used after the first televisions of today, which can only be expressed in primordial terms. One of the most important areas in which technological developments are experienced is the internet. Today, billions of dollars of market has come to the fore as a result of the use of internet which is seen as the summit. The adult content sector, which we can refer to as the sector where adult content is associated with users, is shown among the sectors that have a large share of this market.

Adult content, even in the caves of people who lived in prehistoric times, is now confronted with users in high-resolution video files. Growing in the direction of technological developments and increasing power every day, the industry’s biggest supporter undoubtedly known as the internet. The number of Internet users who regularly use this sector is increasing day by day. According to research conducted by various organizations, this sector reached 103 billion dollars in total market value in the past year.

However, it is not wrong to say that even though such a large sector exists, traditional banking institutions or other financial institutions are getting closer to the projects related to this sector and sector. As a result, major problems arise in completing the payment transactions in the sector. Moreover, the problems faced by users in this gigantic sector are not limited to this.

The new crypto currency based on the Ethereum blockchaini and giving its users the ability to make a unique payment the bunnytok , aims to come from above all the problems in the sector. With Blockchain technology, users who are able to make secure, fast, cheap and unsigned payment transactions will get away from the headache problems that traditional methods have caused.

The company that managed a special sales event in January, we managed to achieve the goal. Starting March 13, 2018 token sales activity aiming to reach the crypto community, the company aims to speed up the success stages of the crypto money world. The team intends to achieve this goal by solving major problems in the industry.

Users who want to access online adult content may need to pay fees from time to time in varying amounts. Sector elements that are not taken into account by financial institutions and traditional banks are difficult to find a way to make payment transactions because they become a taboo. As a result, the users themselves are applying the expression “being disgraced with money”. the bunnytok , this situation will be a problem and the payment transactions in the sector will be realized easily. And fast, cheap, secure and unsigned.

the bunnytok founding partner and CEO Alexander Maslov noted the following statements:

“Our project is proceeding with certain steps towards becoming a payment method accepted by the majority. Moreover, B the unnytok the platform is still in its early stages of development. Our belief in the potential that Bunny Token has is getting stronger every day. We invite users who want to invest in our project to travel with us to the moon. ”

The token sales activity to be carried out under the project is planned to be launched on 13 March and end on 25 May. I you will be able to attend and increase the prices of tokens offered during the sales event every day at a certain rate. At the end of your event all unsold tokens will be destroyed. Thus, the prices of tokens used will increase in this direction. The list of web pages you can use BunnyToken will be specified on the platform and will be updated regularly.

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