Italy sanctions Apple and Samsung for defective updates


Italy becomes the first country to sanction big technology in relation to programmed obsolescence, a practice of dubious legality that many companies follow to “force” us to buy their new devices over and over again. On this occasion the antitrust agency of the European country has decided to sanction Apple and Samsung for defective software updates .

According to we can read in different Italian media, the antitrust agency of Italy has just made public the fine to Apple and Samsung worth 5 million euros ($ 5.7 million) after analyzing the many complaints found regarding the motives of both manufacturers and, above all, the speed reduction of them after going through different software updates .

We see every year as old models of iPhone are left without support for new versions of the operating system of the company or, the more fortunate, managed to update to the latest version of iOS in exchange for an obvious reduction in the performance of the iPhone. Something similar happens with Samsung and its Android updates , which is why Italian justice has decided to sanction

Italy sanctions Apple and Samsung for defective updates

The companies of the Apple Group and the Samsung Group have carried out dishonest business practices. Software updates on Apple and Samsung phones caused serious failures and significantly reduced benefits for the user, which accelerated the replacement.

These statements of the antitrust organization are the result of this sanction, which comes after different groups of Italian consumers exposed to justice that the software updates of the mobile phones of both companies reduced the functionality of the same and were designed to encourage the purchase of new models that manufacturers will release to the market.

Apple, doubly fined

Apple takes the brunt of the sanction, as it is “graced” with an “extra” fine of another 5 million euros for failing to provide customers with clear information on how to maintain or replace mobile batteries.

Apple did not provide any assistance measure for the iPhone that had experienced operating problems not covered by a legal guarantee, and only in December 2017 did it offer the possibility of replacing the batteries at a discounted price.

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