Is this the Pocophone F1, the first mobile of the sub-brand of Xiaomi?


A few days ago we learned that Xiaomi intends to create a sub-brand named Pocophone , something similar to what Huawei did in a day with the brand Honor . The source of this information was the US FCC, the certifying body of that country that announces that a device is about to reach the market. The first Pocophone device (someone else reminds you of a cartoon?) Was revealed in the XDA forum, and now thanks to a new video and filtered photos , we can know many more data from this terminal, which is speculated that it could reach the market under the name of Pocophone F1.

The supposed Pocophone F1 has the name enclave of “Beryllium”, and until now we only knew that it had dimensions of 151mm x 75mm x 163mm and a dual photographic system on its back. There goes a new ration of data.

Is this the Pocophone F1, the first mobile of the sub-brand of Xiaomi?

A high-end “low-cost” with notch: this is the Pocophone F1

Thanks to the new filtered photography, we now know that we are facing a device with a notch quite broad (will include facial recognition by structured light?), so its aspect ratio is 18: 9 . The back of the Pocophone includes a system of double camera in vertical position and a fingerprint reader s traditional located under it.

Is this the Pocophone F1, the first mobile of the sub-brand of Xiaomi?

The most interesting information of this filtration comes with the video also filtered, since it allows us to know that the Pocophone F1 would include an 8-core processor with a frequency of 2.8 GHz that has many possibilities of being the Snapdragon 845 Next to it we see how there is a total of 6 GB of RAM and a storage of 128 GB (not expandable), so it is clear that this device will not be a midrange, but rather a flagship in terms of power.

Thanks to the filtered video we can also know that the Pocophone F1 will have the operating system Android 8.1 , although we should not pay much attention to this aspect, since we see how a global beta of MIUI 9 and the Google security patch for May 2018, which suggests that the filtered terminal is a test unit and the commercial version could integrate a different firmware.

Other elements waiting inside the Pocophone F1 (according to XDA) would be a chip NFC that would enable the terminal for wireless file transfers and payments, and a battery of 4000 mAh compatible with fast charging system Quick Charge 4.0+.

For now it’s early to know when the first device of the sub-brand of Xiaomi will hit the market, but as we said at the beginning, if it has already gone through the FCC, it is very possible that its commercial presentation is very close. Will it coincide with the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi A2 next July 25? In 13 days we will leave doubts.

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