Is Android One better than a custom ROM?


It is an obvious fact that Android One is fashionable. This version of the Google operating system wins followers every day. We have already seen brands of great significance, such as Xiaomi or BQ, who have decided to bet on this version of Android, but: Which is better, Android One or a custom ROM?

First of all, let’s see what is Android One and how it differs from conventional Android. Google created this entry-level or mid-range mobile version as it is a lighter operating system that allows it to run on devices with limited hardware.

The great advantage of Android One is its update policy since, at least theoretically, the terminals with this operating system will update faster, in addition to having a guaranteed support from Google for 18 months.

Is Android One better than a custom ROM?

Why Android One is better than a custom ROM

We say theoretically because of the disaster that has been the updating of the Xiaomi Mi A1 to Android 8 Oreo, although it is an exception. Actually Android One part with several advantages: does not have custom layers and updates are provided by Google so we can expect a deal similar to that seen in Android Stock.

Now, what’s better, Android One or a custom ROM? Well, it depends on several factors. If you are looking for a cheap Android phone , a solution with Android One would be the best option to consider. On the one hand you guarantee that the phone will work smoothly for at least 18 months thanks to Google updates and also ensure that the terminal is updated frequently.

If you buy a cheap phone that does not work with Android One, chances are that sooner than later stop receiving updates. And forget about having the latest version of Android on your terminal unless you install a Custom ROM

Is Android One better than a custom ROM?

And here we go into another problem: although it’s not too complicated to root an Android phone , although there are exceptions, the process is dangerous since you can turn your smartphone into a paperweight. And if that happens and you do not know how to find a solution, the manufacturer’s warranty will not cover this fault so you’ll have to buy a new terminal.

If on the contrary you have some knowledge in the matter, or large doses of patience, there’s a community of really great ROM cooks so, in all likelihood, you will have the opportunity to install an Android version on your terminal with the latest operating system news and that will most likely work better than the manufacturer’s custom layer.

In conclusion, if you have knowledge about the universe ROOT or weapons of patience, betting on a custom ROM is the best option since you can count on improved and customized versions to give a unique touch to your terminal.

If on the other hand you do not want to complicate things, bet on a terminal with Android One, As the BQ Aquaris X2, you get very frequent updates with the Google guarantee. If you decide to opt for ROM do not hesitate to stop by our tutorials where we will teach you all the secrets to get the most out of your Android phone.

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