IOTA sees itself as an important turning point

IOTA is at an important turning point as trade volumes decline and prices become stagnant.

IoT-focused digital money The price of IOTA is at $ 1.89. However, the 24-hour trading volume saw a drop of $ 24 million (total market value 11th , With 24-hour trading volume 29th Ranked).

IOTA sees itself as an important turning point

IOTA has been a digital payday since last summer, receiving criticism from some of the key names in the crypto world. These criticisms have flared up recently. Some cryptography experts IOTA about ‘Stop away’ made calls.

Critics seem to be influential this time

The same criticism over IOTA was also made when the price peaked above $ 5, but these criticisms were not a reflection of the price. However, this time it was different. The criticism seems to have influenced IOTA’s enthusiasm.

Things can change with Trinity Wallet’s drive into the market, or partnerships with new giants such as Bosch or Volkswagen, which are considered to be a major milestone for acceptance at IOTA, which has finally had its fateful time.

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