iOS 12 has a security flaw that allows you to steal your photos


Apple has always boasted that its operating system is perfectly optimized. We are not going to be the ones who put it in doubt, but we have to emphasize that iOS always comes loaded with problems that can seriously endanger the privacy of users. Now it has been discovered that iOS 12 has a security flaw that allows you to steal your photos.

This time is not a message that blocks the phone or any problem with the phone’s battery, it is a shortcut that uses VoiceOver and Siri to access the iPhone’s photo reel, avoiding entering the PIN or a biometric password. The companions of ADSLZone give us the following video where we see the

It is enough to know the number of the victim (asking Siri for the same) to call the telephone. At that moment, you avoid answering the call to select the answer option by message, and then click on the customize option. Just write any word to ask Siri to activate VoiceOver and then click on the camera icon. The failure of iOS 12 is presented below, it has been discovered that if we run Siri again and touch the screen twice, the screen remains black and simply slide your finger until VoiceOver allows us to access the reel of photos , without having requested identification by PIN or FaceID .

This will show the information of each photo, and we can see it and share it by iMessage once it is selected.

New operating system, same problems

Let’s look back, but not too much. At the moment we are going to stay in iOS 10, version of the operating system of the Cupertino company where soon the famous failure of the was replicated. At that time os atacantes podrían colapsar la aplicación de mensajes del iPhone de la víctima simplemente enviando un archivo de contacto. iOS 11 did not suffer the same fate and among its many faults a malicious code was detected that was accessed through a URAL that installed fake applications on the phone that can not be uninstalled and end up causing a and, therefore, in the mobile

iOS 12 has a security flaw that allows you to steal your photos

Initially iOS 12 in its beta version has not presented too many problems, beyond the uncomfortable constantly . When it seemed that had solved this failure of iOS 12 , yesterday we echoed that in the official forums of Apple multiply the complaints that adjustment from their iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or

To this we must add the new security flaw of the operating system that allows you to access and share photos of the iPhone. It is expected that Apple will again launch a software update as soon as possible to solve the problem.

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