Instagram will start its plan to end YouTube in 8 days

Instagram will start its plan to end YouTube in 8 days

That Facebook is a giant that wants to grow stepping on necks is not something new. They already managed to finish Snapchat, integrating the stories on Instagram , and now they want to do it with YouTube. The largest platform of videos worldwide will have a new rival, something that had not happened in years, since YT had reigned without any threat.

Instagram wants to be the new YouTube , an extremely complicated task, but viable, since they are the only ones that can damage the Google network at the moment. Today, we tell you when Instagram will start his plan to end YouTube , and how it will do it.

June 20, Instagram wants to become the new YouTube

Instagram will start its plan to end YouTube in 8 days

As they count in, Instagram will make an event next Wednesday, June 20 , which will present its novelties for video creators, among which are the following:

  • First, you can upload videos in 4K, full screen, and with a more generous time limit than the current

  • The videos will be available in a new section

  • Content can be monetized

  • The content will be similar to YouTube, the goal is that what is up is of quality

Over the past few years, Instagram has managed to reach numbers of devastating users, with more active users than YouTube on a day-to-day basis , both in “Generation Z” and in “Millenials”. Undoubtedly, the most successful application that Facebook has been able to acquire, and which could cause YouTube to consider continuing abusive privacy policies, and mistakes that end by not notifying the subscribers of the content that the creators upload.

In 8 days we will leave doubts, whether it will be a garbage function more than is forgotten -Facebook Style-, or if Instagram really goes after Facebook, with a complete and functional tool for creators.


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