Instagram Shopping: You can now buy from Instagram


From now on you will see many more sponsored content in Instagram , or that we deduce after seeing how Instagram Shopping It lands in our country, after having spent a lot of time in tests and working on the other side of the pond. Will the raison d’être of the social network change as we know it until now?

Instagram Shopping allows you to buy some of the products that we can see in the photographs of certain companies, as one of the fundamental requirements to be able to Sell ​​articles on Instagram is to have a company profile in the social network. This differentiates Instagram Shopping from other tools such as Wallapop or Facebook Marketplace, where anyone can sell and buy products.

Another obligation to be able to sell products on Instagram is that they are physical products, nothing of digital objects or similar. Of course, everything must be integrated with sales platforms such as Shopify , one of the Facebook partners that allows transactions through the social network.

Instagram Shopping: You can now buy from Instagram

As we read in marketing4ecommerce , other requirements so that your clients can buy on Instagram your products are to have at least 9 publications and have the latest Instagram version installed on your mobile device. After having the “permission” to sell on the social network, stores can even be labeled in some photographs to incorporate their sales links.

How does Instagram Shopping work?

Everything mentioned refers to the requirements to be met in order to sell products through the photography app but … What should be done to Buy from Instagram? . This video shows how the Instagram Shopping process works at the user level.

When clicking on a certain photograph, the products on sale will be highlighted and when clicking on the selected item, we will be able to see more information about it as well as its price and its options. purchase from Instagram . By clicking on the purchase button we are sent to the website of the brand where we can indicate the units that we want to acquire as well as payment methods and shipping options.

Companies that have already participated in the testing process to buy with Instagram They emphasize that users are increasingly interested in buying the products they find in the social network, which is why Instagram Shopping is a fast and attractive way to generate new revenue.

Of course, it is expected that in the near future Instagram Shopping also work with Instagram Stories .

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