Instagram adds group video calls and questions on Instagram Stories

Facebook, the company that owns Instagram, announced that this year group video calls would be activated in the messaging section of the application. Today they begin to be implemented on Instagram, who also adds the questions on Instagram Stories as the main novelty. We show you how you can use each of these new features of the photo application.

Both questions on Instagram Stories as the video calls in Instagram group They are available in the latest update of the app on compatible platforms. That is, Instagram for iOS and for Android.

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How to ask questions on Instagram Stories

Although it has not been specially announced by Instagram, since a few hours you can also add questions to Instagram Stories . The way to do it is very simple because, like Gif and polls , you can apply them as if it were a sticker. Just open the stickers menu and click on the Question option to enter the text you want your contacts to answer. Then you can vary the size and position of the text box at your whim.

Instagram adds group video calls and questions on Instagram Stories

All those responses from the contacts will be reflected in the visualization information of Instagram Stories, as it usually happens with the participants in the surveys. In addition, questions on Instagram Stories They allow you to share the answers of some of your friends, although they will only appear anonymously.

How to make group video calls

Another new feature found on Instagram is the possibility of group video calls, function that was also tested a few days ago on WhatsApp. You can only call the people you are connected to, that is, you follow them and they follow you on the social network, so nobody can harass you on Instagram. In addition, you have the possibility to mute the video calls if you are not interested in being part of them from the settings of a group conversation.

Instagram adds group video calls and questions on Instagram Stories

To try video calls, you must open Instagram Direct, the messaging window of the photo app and access the inbox in the application to open a conversation and then click on the button of the camera housed in the upper right corner of the screen. You can also join calls in progress, video calls that are identified by a blue camera icon within a certain conversation. The limit of participants in these video calls is 4 contacts.

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