Instagram: addiction, pleasure way and why I have disabled my account

Instagram: addiction, pleasure way and why I have disabled my account

Addiction : 1. Habit of dangerous behaviors or consumption of certain products, especially drugs, and which can not be dispensed with or is very difficult to do for reasons of psychological or even physiological dependence. 2. Excessive hobby to something. The use of social networks is the order of the day, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat … We have completely normalized these tools, and blessed the day they arrived, as they can make life easier for us.

Nevertheless, lately several studies are coming to light , in which they show how strong is the addiction that social networks can generate, especially in young people, and the results are devastating. Today, we tell you why you should temporarily disable your Instagram account , and that is that a debugging from time to time, never hurts.

Instagram, the poison of the 21st century

Instagram: addiction, pleasure way and why I have disabled my account

We can read in La Vanguardia , that several studies showed that Instagram is more addictive than alcohol and tobacco , two of the most addictive drugs of today. Instagram is a vicious circle, in which on the one hand we receive feedback of our followers, and on the other we can gossip the lives of others, and believe that they are doing better or worse than us based on the image they have built in the social network. This, apart from reasons that we will tell you next, is due to how quickly we receive the reinforcer-like . Professors of Psychology of the UGR told me studies in which the hypothetical case was raised to give us 500,000 euros now, or 1,000,000 within 5 years , the vast majority chose the quick money , despite obtaining less profit.

The advantage and problem of Instagram is the instantaneity of the feedback. They begin to receive likes and comments immediately, something that is proven, has a powerful effect on the brain.

Proof of this is the experiment they did in Addict Aide. A new profile was created, from the classic blogger girl with thousands of followers . The curiosity was that 100% of the photos contained some type of alcoholic beverage, something that, in some cases, the users did not even notice. Like my addiction was the name given to the experiment, seeing how thousands of people liked a lifestyle of “reverie”, which hid the sad reality of alcoholism

One of the greatest dangers that drugs have is their role in the activation of the reward circuits of the brain . When drugged, the neurons of the ventral tegmental area are activated, main center of pleasure control in the human brain ., that in addition to drugs, activities such as sex, sports, listening to music or eating, the approval and positive assessment of others makes the pleasure circuit activate , strengthening that we need this approval in our life on a daily basis.

Instagram: addiction, pleasure way and why I have disabled my account

Our Instagram account is just a showcase where others they will buy us or not with its like , and so that everyone can get their dose, the apps to buy followers and likes begin to appear a few years ago.

Instagram: addiction, pleasure way and why I have disabled my account

Spend money to pretend that you are someone! It’s something we see on a daily basis, and that is that unfortunately, you are nobody without followers , especially in the business world. Many of the brands, blogs or people that you follow, have a good number of followers bought, some for making the world see its false relevance and feel better with themselves, and others for the mere fact that with more followers you have it easier to collaborate with brands and start to carry out certain projects .

An app that forces you to be addicted

Instagram: addiction, pleasure way and why I have disabled my account

A few months ago, Instagram changed its algorithm, just like YouTube. The idea is clear: either upload content almost daily, or your content will not be visible. Our knowledge of SEO allows us to say that at least one photo per day on Instagram has to be published , in addition to several stories to be visible throughout the day in the top bar of Instagram.

The current Instagram algorithm punishes casual content. If you want to have feedback and visibility in the feed, you have to upload daily content.

For a company, it may be logical and normal for daily content to be present, but for a young person, the one who does not upload a daily photo does not increase his number of likes and followers, and even diminish by his zero visibility, it is all a poison . When we eat, we go for a walk, we are with friends, couple, family … We feel the need to take a picture , upload it, get likes and comments, and activate the reward nuclei of the brain that release that sweet little amount of dopamine, well the drugs work .

Instagram: addiction, pleasure way and why I have disabled my account

We can read in, in 2015 there were more deaths by selfie that by shark attacks . Marginal numbers, but that should be taken into account, since there is nothing sadder than dying when trying to make a photo for your social networks.

Summer, endless fountain of posture

Instagram: addiction, pleasure way and why I have disabled my account

Summer is one of the times of the year when most cane we give Instagram. Photos on the beach, pool, festivals … Remember that you have to upload a daily photo and several stories to be visible, that no one miss your summer!

For all this, in my personal case, I decided to give Instagram a break by deactivating my account . Surely, it’s something similar to when you quit smoking and come back after two months, but what do you get for the body . We believe necessary a break from social networks -not only from Instagram- in times of relaxation, to enjoy ourselves or our people without having to share it with the world.

Tell us, What do you think about Instagram, what has become , and the current situation of social networks.


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