The impact of new US tax laws on Apple’s revenue and liquidity

Loup Ventures Gene Munster recently reported its forecast Financial situation Company Apple Under the new US tax bill, Donald Trump signed it.

Due to new tax changes, Monster predicts that Apple will pay $ 214 billion in liquidity abroad at a tax rate of 15.5 percent. Apple’s merger and acquisition strategy is also expected to continue with the goal of purchasing technologies under $ 1 billion, according to the same trend.

According to Munster’s forecast, Apple will redeem its share of up to $ 69 billion and dividend will increase by 15%. (5% higher than the previously announced increase of 10%).

The American company is said to be planning to keep its $ 100 billion debt. Apple will probably announce the relevant financial details by April 2018.

Apple will spend a significant part of the repaid liquidity to increase its share redeem and dividend; nevertheless, the company will presumably maintain a liquidity balance of $ 270 billion over the next few years.

It is unrealistic to assume that Apple will reduce its liquidity balance from 269 billion to 150 billion. Estimates of liquidity of $ 150 billion show the total cost of redemption of shares and dividends. The cost of the two programs is in effect in three to four years, and Apple can increase its liquidity over this period. The company managed to add $ 31 billion to its liquidity from September 16 to 17. If we consider $ 30 billion as the annual flow of liquidity over the next four years, it will show a cash-balance of $ 270 billion by 2022, which has remained steady compared to today’s $ 269 liquidity balances.

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