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Imatag protects the invisible Watermark from the photos

Imatag’s website makes it easy to prove ownership of photos taken by photographers and organizations by applying invisible watermarks on photos.

It is always a concern for professional photographers and organizations, theft and illegal use of their works in various places, such as social networks, websites, and more. But Imatag’s website reduces concerns for photographers and organizations by imposing an invisible watermark on photos.

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Given advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence Google To erase watermark images and smart photo enhancements (Upscaling) such as EnhanceNet, techniques such as using visible watermarks on a photo or uploading low-resolution images, as before, are enough to protect photograph photographers from being stolen. is not.

The invisible watermark is an efficient response to these methods of theft. Imatag is a new service that can add an invisible, cleanable watermark to photos without affecting the quality of the photo. This feature helps photographers and organizations follow their own tracks, and whenever they see their photos illegally printed or in print. Web site, claiming ownership.

On the Imatag website, there’s an online demo where you can upload your photo, review the visual quality of the water-tattered photo and evaluate the watermark. You can change the scale of the image and crop it or compress it to examine how much the image changes in the image, the Imatag algorithm can detect the invisible watermark.

Another way to test this system is to create a free account on this website, which gives users 1 GB of space for uploading photos. Photos uploaded, uploaded and kept privately on the website unless they are visible to the public; then you can download the watermarked image and edit it with your favorite photo editing software, and by re-uploading it to the website, the ability to You evaluate the system in watermarking.

By performing a series of brief tests that looked at a number of photos, it was found that the changes made to the photo to make the invisible Watermark are not recognizable are so strong that they make the photo unusable. If photography is useful for the business, but one gigabyte of free web site space does not meet its needs, it can own 100GB of space with a subscription fee of 10 euro per month. Special packages are also for organizations. For more information, you can Imatag website See.

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