iFixit and Motorola join forces to offer repair kits for smartphones with OEM parts


In the first instance, the news may not matter. However, the agreement reached between iFixit and Motorola really hides a change of attitude in the sector that will benefit the user. And, from now on, it will be Motorola itself that will supply the original components of its smartphones to the aforementioned company in order to guarantee the best conditions for those who wish to repair their smartphones by themselves .

Screen breaks, replacement of batteries, replacement of broken , damaged or worn parts … the repair of smartphones is the order of the day. Repairs that can be really expensive depending on the degree of affection. Sometimes, the warranty covers certain damages, just as if we have contracted alternative insurance . However, what about those usual repairs such as the breakage of the screen or the change of battery? Normally we take the phone to the technical repair service of the firm or specialized companies, with the relevant invoice in between.

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The role of iFixit

However, there are many others who, either due to personal concerns or financial need, resort to available information and the Internet and decide to fix their smartphone by themselves. This is where iFixit comes in, a company that has made its way into the electronics sector with its popular videos and smartphones disassembling to determine how difficult or easy it is to repair. iFixit and Motorola join forces to offer repair kits for smartphones with OEM parts

Some videos that derive in repair guides that users can use to repair their smartphones by themselves. iFixit not only facilitates the didactic part, but also offers the user repairs or the sending of the necessary tool for that purpose.

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This is where the recent agreement between iFixit and Motorola regains importance as the owners of a Motorola smartphone who decide to fix the most common damages themselves, such as changing the screen, battery or other parts will have at their disposal OEM repair kits . iFixit and Motorola join forces to offer repair kits for smartphones with OEM parts

Motorola OEM parts in iFixit repair kits

What does this mean? That those who need it, can buy in iFixit not only the tools, but repair kits that include the necessary tool to carry out the repair and, in addition, the original parts manufactured by Motorola itself.

Currently, the iFixit store lists a total of 17 kits with which it will be possible to start the most common repairs on Motorola smartphones such as the Motorola Moto Z, Moto X, Droid Turbo 2, Moto Z Play, Moto G5, Z Force, X Pure and G4 Plus. Kits that cost between 40 and 200 dollars, depending on the repair.

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Undoubtedly, an initiative with which Motorola guarantees that the spare parts used in the repairs of their smartphones are original. In this way, it avoids that its clients can be deceived and, at the same time, it facilitates the option that it is the user who carries out the repair, with the consequent economic savings that this initiative can suppose.

Will this agreement be extended to other smartphone manufacturers? We will have to wait to check it out since the department of repairs of the brands are another source of income to be taken into account. Anyway, remember that you can buy iFixit tools from Amazon to repair smartphones on your own.

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