If you have been exposed to fraudulent cryptography, this is probably your fault

If you have been exposed to fraudulent cryptography, this is probably your fault

Fraudsters, fraudulent people, easily deceive with the promise of free Bitcoin. If you are a clean-minded person and you are defenseless, and you control your Bitcoin account every day, you will be caught on the radar of fraudsters. Of course the crypto money world could be purified from frauds, the internet would definitely be a better place. But at the same time, if you’ve been exposed to crypto money fraud, this is probably your fault.

Who is guilty?

The greatest reason for crypto money fraud is not the superior abilities of suspicious users or Russian fraudsters in poor countries. Crypto is the biggest cause of money fraud is greed. It is not your fraud, but your greed. If you have lost money in BitConnect or Davorcoin, and you come across email fraud, you are guilty if you believe in the news that ‘Vitalik Butterin is distributing free ETH’ on Twitter.

If people do not believe in reports that are not primaries, fraudsters can not find anyone who feeds their feed. If nobody believed in BitConnect and deposited money, there would be no major losses. If you want to be rich in crypto money, take the three crypto money you have secured, keep it in your wallet and forget that money for five years. Five years later, you may have become rich, you may have lost money, or there may have been no change. But you will not be defrauded.

Unfortunately, most investors, 50 Cent “Be rich or die when you try.” He takes his mind. When they try this, they blame everybody if they are swindled. “To allow accounts with fraudulent purposes, Twitter’s fault. Opportunists, not to stop by legal regulations, the state’s fault. It’s the ICO’s fault to allow fraud on their channels. ” No, it’s your fault, not anyone.

A Mitigation Bahane

In addition to all of these, let’s get it clear: No fraud victim deserves to be mocked, even if it is naive or stingy. It is unfair to see the believer being swindled every time he is told because of his greed. Likewise, it is not right for freeters to steal freely around the millions they have stolen. But if they sit and cheat, they will not bring back what they lost to them. The only way to prevent such incidents is to make it clear. Namely;

Stop coming to the table. Stop believing in plans that look too good to be true. Stop giving your friends and relatives the encouragement to believe them. Because people who do not deserve to be defrauded are all included in the Ponzi plan by those they trust.

The crypto money world has a challenging learning process. Those who step into this world for the first time may feel drowned and misinformed. This is very normal. That’s why it’s important that you learn all the tricks before you enter this world. Get some Bitcoin or buy something else. But for no reason, do not be involved in crypto paralysis, ICOs and schemes that you do not investigate and understand.

Finally, surprisingly, a group claiming to have been established to track BitConnect fraud and not legally supported has launched an ICO for “Justice Coin”, promising a 2% per day gain. There is probably a group behind this group who was also involved in the previous fraud, and the victims of the Bitconquest fraud will be fooled again because they will believe in these people without investigating. There is no excuse for being cheated because we live in a time of knowledge where the answer of the question “Is this a deception?” If you are exposed to fraudulent cryptography, this is probably your fault.

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