If you are a root user, forget about playing Fortnite

If you are a root user, forget about playing Fortnite

Today’s news will be marked by two things. On the one hand, the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 and, on the other hand, the possible launch of . As we have talked long and hard, the famous Battle Royale of Epic Games would be , today they have echoed that you can not access it if you are a root user.

Some of the developers of the famous forum have had access to the Fortnite APK, which they have decompiled to extract some information about the game. For now, have managed to skip the blockade that makes you can only play on a Galaxy Note9 (below you have a

In this process, they have” that>if you have the rooted device you should forget about playing . When accessing Fortnite in a terminal with root, the game launches a warning saying that “You can not play on a rooted smartphone, with the bootloader unlocked, with Android Debug Bridge activated or that has failed to check SafetyNet”. The notice, in addition, is crystal clear : “any attempt to skip these checks can generate a ban on the account.”

If you are a root user, forget about playing Fortnite

The author of the post states that it may be due to a series of modifications he has carried out on his Pixel 2 XL manually, since they have been able to access the game from an Essential Phone and another Google Pixel 2 XL rooted with Magisk. That is good and bad. Well, because if you filter the APK you can play Fortnite if your phone is rooted. Bad, because it will be temporary , since an update of the SafetyNet API could block the game to any root user.

What does this mean? If you want to play Fortnite on Android, it is best to wait until the exclusive period of Samsung Galaxy Note9 is over , at least if you do not want to lose your account. Remember that the game can be downloaded in APK format from the official website of Epic Games and that, unfortunately, will

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