Huawei’s SuperCharge fast charge promises 90% of the battery in half an hour


The futures Huawei smartphones , as may be the case Huawei Mate 20 , could they release a new generation of fast charging technology SuperCharge . It is the conclusion that emerges from the information disseminated by the CCC behind the 3C certification of a new charger. It would offer a 40W output power (10 Volt and 4 Amps) and would be able to Charge 90% of the battery in half an hour .

We have indicated it on numerous occasions. Faced with the inability to introduce new stable materials for batteries that achieve a higher charge density, the solution to the problems of autonomy of smartphones it goes through adoption of fast charging technologies . Techniques that reduce load times considerably to mitigate the problems that can “generate run out of battery at the worst time.”

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New generation of Huawei SuperCharge fast charge

Given this perspective, Huawei is one of the firms with the best results in terms of load times, along with the options offered by Qualcomm Quick Charge Y OnePlus with his Dash Charge . Currently, Huawei P20 They have a fast charge of 22 W (5 Volts and 4.5 Amps). It manages to fully charge a 3,400 mAh battery in approximately one and a quarter hours. Huawei's SuperCharge fast charge promises 90% of the battery in half an hour

However, the appearance of a new loader with reference HW-100400C00 in the CCC to achieve 3C certification – obligatory in China for this type of devices- puts us behind the track of it, that would offer a 40W output power , at the rate of 10 Volts and an intensity of 4 Amps .

According to the information collected, these values ​​would be sufficient to recharge a 90% battery in 30 minutes . Of course, the data does not offer any detail on the total battery capacity.

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Possibly we would see it in the Huawei Mate 20

However, we must resort to the past, specifically at the time of presentation of the Honor Magic . In that event that dates from 2016, the firm put on the table a fast charging system, also 40W (5 Volts and 8 Amperes) that managed to recharge 90% of the battery of the smartphone -2,900 mAh- in just half an hour.

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Therefore, it is not complicated that Huawei has decided to give one more twist to your fast charge technology SuperCharge to improve loading times, a technology that is already speculated to be integrated into its next flagships such as the Huawei Mate 20 .

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