Huawei responds to the screen problems of the Mate 20 Pro

Huawei responds to the screen problems of the Mate 20 Pro

Not everything was going to be good news for Huawei. Just a moment ago we told you , have started to report failures in the OLED panel of the phone , which Huawei did not take long to answer.


As can be seen in the images and videos shared by those affected users, the problem manifests as green spots on the sides of the phone’s screen , which are more visible when the screen shows a dark or totally black background . In addition, these spots spread as the days go by and are becoming more prominent.

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The Mate 20 Pro uses an industry-leading flexible OLED display with specially designed curved edges for enhanced visual experience and holding comfort. This can lead to slight discoloration when viewed from different angles.

In extremely dim lighting conditions, when the brightness of the screen is too low, or when using dark wallpapers, these differences can be exaggerated. If the range of colors affects your normal use, take your phone to an authorized Customer Service Center for help.

Unfortunately, this response does not seem to have reassured all those possessors of the terminal , much less those who were still undecided about whether to buy, or not, the latest model of the company. It is expected that if cases continue to be reported, Mark carry out an investigation in order to find the cause of the problem. We will inform you as soon as we have news about it.

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