Huawei new Honor device 4 cameras or Magic 2

honor magic 2 13 december

Huawei will unveil Unnamed Honor Smartphone in a news event tomorrow, Is it Honor Magic 2?

An advertising teaser for the unveiling of a product two days ago was published on the official page of Honor on the Weibo social network. Just like many pre-unveiling teasers, it does not specifically refer to a particular product, and does not have a picture of it, but we’ve guessed that it could get out of the water.

Huawei new Honor device 4 cameras or Magic 2

We believe that tomorrow, on the occasion of the event, the Huawei version of Honor Magic 2 will be introduced. The first-generation Honor Magic had curved edges that contributed to its charm. This handset is curved from all four sides in front of it. If you look at the promotional teaser, there’s a big 4 in the background.

Huawei new Honor device 4 cameras or Magic 2

Of course, this number may not be due to the four curved sides of the handset, and maybe point to four cameras. Last week the company to reduce the price of the original model it with magic that could be signs of the emergence of a new generation. Keep in mind, however, that this new generation will be sold out of China in the same way as the original.

Does the number 4 point to a 4 cameras handset?

But on that side of the case, as mentioned, this product can be a four-camera phone. In addition to the first poster, the company has been publishing another poster related to its upcoming event, related to a Chinese actors. In a picture, a glasses of smoke were placed in front of his eyes and in the other image the glasses were moved behind him. This will mean that the new Huawei phone also comes with a dual front-facing camera.

Huawei has just announced a 4 camera Honor 9i in India, Meumeng 6 in China, Nova 2i in Malaysia and Huawei 10th Edition in other global markets.

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