Huawei Mate 20 Pro, where is the intelligence of your camera?


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The AI ​​of the new Kirin 980 is noticeable in many aspects, but if there is one in which we see its influence in a more palpable way it is in the camera. And, it must also be said, you need a privileged “brain” to take advantage of the immense triple lens Leica camera that incorporates the first mobile with this processor, the .

While it is true that the manual mode of mobile terminals has nothing to envy to compact cameras, and less when now in phones such as the Mate 20 Pro we have three different lenses (40 MP wide-angle, 8 MP telephoto and ultra-wide-angle 20 MP), something that perhaps is the last step that was still missing, the vast majority of the time, we throw photos trusting in automatic mode.

Until now, these modes were pretty “foolish”, so to speak. They were able to recognize certain parameters but really, they vary from certain light and ambient variables, with some concession to the basic recognition of the scene. With the Kirin 970 first and, now, with the Kirin 980 and its double NPU (Neural Process Unit) , the jump that

Huawei Mate 20 Pro, where is the intelligence of your camera?

And is that the integration of the powerful HiSilicon processor last AI allows the mobile not only “sees” what is in the photo, really “knows” what is photographing at a level far higher than any other computer. On paper, the Kirin 980 is 20% more powerful than the previous generation and offers 40% more energy savings. To get an idea of ​​its power, is able to recognize 4,500 images per minute and capture sharp movements without blurring.

How does this AI look in the photos that the Mate 20 Pro does?

As we said before, the IA better manage autonomy or that is a key piece for the security of the phone is important, but it is something that is not seen. Now, when we open the Mate 20 Pro camera, things change. To begin with, he is able to recognize more than 1,500 different scenes and scenarios divided into 25 categories. This makes the camera not only think “it’s a portrait”, but “it’s a portrait, of a child and nocturne”, being able to adapt all the parameters of the camera to always take the best possible snapshot. But it is also that he learns.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro, where is the intelligence of your camera?

For example, if we have animals at home, he knows how to distinguish if we are making the photo to our dog, which tend to be more nervous and not quiet, while using other parameters to recognize that we want to take a picture of our elegant and more relaxed cat. Recognize things like we are attending a show or a conference, where on the screen we can have slides that we want to be captured in a clear manner. We could continue with the examples indefinitely if we talk about landscapes, food, vehicles, etc. but it is worthwhile to stop at a specific function.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro, where is the intelligence of your camera?

And, especially, the Mate 20 Pro highlights when the AI ​​notes that we approach an object and activates the “Super-macro” mode . This is done automatically and allows us to take clear images that can not be done by another mobile phone since it has a focal distance capable of approaching 2.5 cm from the object … and we can assure you that we use it daily for many photos of the details of the products that we offer in MovilZona.

Obviously, another effect where it demonstrates the ability of the AI ​​to recognize not only the contour of the objects but also the ones it has in the different planes and that allows the Portrait mode to apply a perfect bokeh effect. Not to mention that effects can be applied 3D illumination and dynamic next to the image and that also has a predictive focus system, that is, the AI ​​can predict where the object will move and keep it focused at all times.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro, where is the intelligence of your camera?

More implementations of the AI ​​in the Mate 20 Pro camera are found when making video since we can apply effects in real time that were previously unthinkable. The most prominent and colorful is the filter that will allow us to create scenes where everything is in black and white except for people who come out in the foreground.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro, where is the intelligence of your camera?

Finally, it should be noted that the AI ​​in the Mate 20 Pro camera has a representation also as an image assistant. This is the Master AI 2.0 , a system that will advise us things as if we should use another shooting mode that would be better to take the shot we want to make or if we have the frame uneven to achieve a better shot. All this, again, learning from our tastes because if we tell you that we are not interested in what you are telling us, you will take into consideration that decision to offer new suggestions in the future.

In the end, all this means that with the Mate 20 Pro and AI that hides his Kirin 980, what Huawei wants is that we take the phone out of the pocket, point your full camera at any object and just press the shutter button achieve that unforgettable memory that will become an unrepeatable snapshot, since there is no other model in the market capable of doing it the same.

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