Huawei confirms its folding phone with 5G for 2019


Oddly enough, Huawei still has important news to give us this week in which their Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro have officially come to light. And they have to do, of course, with a future phone with benefits that are less interesting.

Although Richard Yu , CEO of Huawei, flew to London to present his new terminals, he has also taken advantage of his view of European lands to drop us information about one of the most desirable telephones next year. We refer to the folding smartphone of the house, which would already have a date on the horizon set as well as some quality ready to confirm.

Folding and with 5G for 2019

Yu has revealed in this way, according to Digital Trends , that his mobile phone will be released next year, in 2019 , and that it will support the next generation of 5G communications . Specifically, it would be the month of June when we should see the start of the team, or at least that said Ken Hu, rotating president of the brand, when last month also said that the company’s first 5G phone could be a folding type. Come on, that the statements of both executives fit perfectly, letting us glimpse a very interesting first half of the year.

Yu is a strong advocate of this format and believes 100% that can even replace handheld devices in the future, because we can carry in our pocket a computer that works like a phone, but also deploys to work with him when we want or need it.

Huawei confirms its folding phone with 5G for 2019

He is not the only one who sees great possibilities in this “new” format. As you know, Samsung is another of the great brands that has been flirting with this idea for some time, with a model supposedly nicknamed Galaxy F whose features (some of them, of course) could be made public at the Samsung Developer Conference that the company will hold at the beginning of November. in San Francisco. Even so, it is expected that the phone – whose conceptual image, based on a patent, you have on these lines – will be officially announced at CES 2019, which, as always, will take place in Las Vegas.

If the rumors are true, the Galaxy F, with 4.6 inches screen that reaches 7.3 “when it is fully expanded, could thus inaugurate a new era that may not take others to follow. At the end of February we will have the Mobile World Congress and maybe Huawei will drop something else there in the face of the release months later (you know, to make it clear that Samsung is not alone in this new league). We have a few months left to discover it.

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