HTC Exodus: HTC's last chance will be a mobile designed by and for the 'blockchain'

HTC Exodus: HTC's last chance will be a mobile designed by and for the 'blockchain'

If 10 years ago, when , it is likely that nobody believed it.

And yet, it seems that HTC is facing its last chance to get back on the train of a smartphone market that started successfully, at least until it lost itself in a sea of ​​doubts, debatable decisions and many errors partially corrected by the success of

Now the Taiwanese must surprise to recover the criticism, and perhaps for that reason they look for different formulas to what the market already offers as a smartphone designed by and for the blockchain that we will meet tomorrow Monday.

HTC Exodus: HTC's last chance will be a mobile designed by and for the 'blockchain'

What will be special about HTC Exodus?

The newest HTC will be called HTC Exodus effectively, and as announced by the Asian manufacturer will be the first phone to offer a cryptocurrency wallet with recovery :

Our vision is to expand the blockchain ecosystem by creating the world’s first telephone dedicated to decentralized applications and security.

The HTC Exodus will be prepared to work with different protocols that allow the operability between different blockchains , and will offer an optimized experience for the experts of the” communities. not only that as it was rumored to have a>universal wallet to house our cryptocurrencies , in addition to allowing its use as a node to double or triple the number of Ethereum and Bitcoin nodes.

Without hesitation, CryptoKitties will be another star feature of this HTC Exodus , and is that the agreement includes that this game, the world’s largest blockchain- based is present in HTC terminals in a preferential and optimized. In case you do not know, with CryptoKitties blockchain is used to create monsters and digital creatures that users must capture and breed to trade.

Phil Chen, Director of Cryptography at HTC, has already confirmed that the phone has been in development since the beginning of the year, and that it will be sold globally with the exception of China , due to the restrictions of the giant Asian country. In case you want to take a look, the

It should be recalled thatstart-up Sirin Labs work on devices of this type with a Finney already announced and in pre-purchase period. And you, do you handle important amounts of cryptocurrencies? Would you buy a smartphone like this to take them?

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