HTC announces that will lay off one in four workers

HTC announces that will lay off one in four workers

We have been checking for years, HTC is not going through its best in terms of economic results, and not at the level of popularity -that both are linked- and it seems that the time has come when this is going to affect the workers of the company.

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And, the company has announced that it plans to lay off a good number of workers, practically one in four. And this could mean – again – the beginning of the end of the company. What do you think?

HTC, about to lay off 22% of its workers

The Taiwanese company has been in the doldrums for a few years, and although it manufactures excellent terminals like its HTC U12 +, This does not translate into sales, which is what gives them food, after all.

And it seems that HTC is right now in a situation where workers – again – are going to pay the consequences of the poor performance of the company, since 1,500 employees of HTC are going to be unemployed, in particular, belonging to the manufacturing division of Taiwan.

And this time it is not a sale, or a mutually beneficial agreement, as happened with the transfer of the workers in charge of the Pixels to Google, but rather they are hard and fast dismissals, of neither more nor less than 22% of the total workforce of HTC.

The situation of the company is becoming more worrisome, and it does not seem that in the short term it is better, although we would like to see the Taiwanese again in good condition. How do you think it will face the end of the year HTC?


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