How to use the new Gboard floating keyboard on Android


As you well know, Gboard is the solution that Google offers as an alternative virtual keyboard for Android and iOS devices. The platform has a multitude of customization options, including also changes of visual type in the font, background or colors. It also allows the writing by sliding, the integration of searches in Google … and now also the floating keyboard mode. Let’s see how it is used.

The new version 7.6 of Gboard adds to its long list of features a feature that can be very useful for its users. We refer to the already mentioned floating keyboard, being able to place the keyboard in the zone of the screen that we want so that it is much more like if it is possible to write our texts.

How to use the floating Gboard keyboard

The first thing you have to make sure is that you have the latest version of Gboard installed on your phone. In case you do not have the app updated, go to the app store and download version 7.6. Once you have it, follow the steps that we detail below:

  1. On the Gboard keyboard, click on the Google icon
  2. Once the different options are displayed (the search engine itself, GIFs, etc.) click on the three points – next to the microphone icon.
  3. You will see four options: the fourth one is called Floating .
  4. Press it and the keyboard will be picked up, adopting this condition.
  5. Leaving the finger pressed on the lower icon that stands out as a tab you can move the keyboard wherever you want.

The floating keyboard will stay in this mode (enter the app you enter) until you deactivate it . To do this, just press your finger on the movement tab and slide it to the lowest part of the screen. When you release, the keyboard will have expanded again in its usual format.

How to use the new Gboard floating keyboard on Android

The floating keyboard mode in Gboard helps make your writing experience more flexible . ventana del teclado la puedes mover a cualquier parte de la pantalla, desde la esquina inferior izquierda a la superior derecha. Keyboard window can be moved to any part of the screen from the lower left to upper right. It is not the most important or determinant function of the keyboard, but it sure ends up being useful in certain cases. In addition, the mere fact that Google continues to update its keyboard with new features is always welcome by all those users who are hooked to this platform to write on our phone.

The update is only available for Android devices , so if you have an iPhone … you’ll have to wait.

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