How to start your business without any investment

How to start your business without any investment

Many people consider the lack of primary capital as a major problem in implementing their ideas, but many entrepreneurs see the problem elsewhere.

Kage Spatz is a strategic planner, entrepreneur, executive director at Spacetwin, a digital marketing innovator. In this article, he will help you to run your business despite many problems like lack of capital and market sales. So come along with Spatz to reveal the secrets of overcoming these problems:

Have you ever seen anyone claiming to have a very worthwhile idea, but has not yet taken any action to build it? Or people who have stopped practicing their ideas for various reasons and everyday problems? If such a person is in your group, do not let that person’s beliefs go away from your wishes. If you have such a feature yourself, then it’s time to act. Excuses are the only obstacles people suffer because they do not have enough effort.

How to start your business without any investment

Not having money or capital … The solution is here!

If you are one of those people who think that having no money or capital is a serious problem, then it’s time to change your thinking. If you want to make money every day, the point that goes on will not be useful to you; instead, it will prevent you from bringing the excuse.

Obviously, you can not rely on what your people are talking about buying your product or supporting your business and start your business . Remember that business is your child, and the food of this child is just money to survive and grow. If this is the case, why do you start your business without initial capital from the start?

How to start your business without any investment

When I teamed up with one of my colleagues who specialized in auto accident prediction, I used his digital marketing experiences. We created a round that was very successful and eventually turned into an application that helped the National Association to work with the industry. None of these successes was due to initial capital. All this was through the holding of that period. Here are some of the important points that helped us succeed:

1: Learn at any time and place

When you do not have the capital to hire others, you need to become a person who is learning all the time to turn your idea into reality. Regardless of the good or bad industry, marketing, sales and networking can be a good start. Without this step, you can not figure out if your idea is really impractical or you have not learned enough.

How to start your business without any investment

2: Practice your idea

Learn about what you do, learn any points and scrutinize questions, answers, and all the problems in that area. Talk with customers and put your ideas to others so you can understand all aspects of the work.

How to start your business without any investment

3: Like a flexible cache!

One of the most important benefits of not perfecting your idea is that you can make the necessary changes to the parts you want. For example, when you are reviewing your plan, you can find a lot of people in the industry who are expecting lots of items from your product, as long as you did not include them. Listen to your customers and give them something they need.

How to start your business without any investment

Try to connect with many people so you can provide your services or services at an affordable price. As for our team, we find that most organizations pay a lot of money for courses related to company development. We were able to better serve our services by studying more about what people were learning and offering courses at a lower price and pre-sales. Once your idea has been put into practice, it has been tested and used by different people, after which time the price increases. Tell everyone about your plan and idea. We knew that our price would double in the future and we knew we could get it. Use this strategy as an incentive to encourage customers to participate early in your courses.

Alternative methods to find initial capital

If your idea really needs a lot of initial capital, then what is the solution? One way is to start from an idea that requires a little cost, and when you grow up enough to grow your business, you will realize your great idea.

Another way is to use the crowdfunding method. In this way, the money needed for the project is provided by collecting a small amount of money in the form of pre-sales to a large number of people and often online. For example, an online game using the same method in 2012 could continue to evolve and has so far been able to raise $ 159 million; you can even use free platforms and allocate some profits to them. Kickstarter , for example, is one of those platforms that has already earned $ 20 million in profit for entrepreneurs.

Can you get the result?

Even with financial support, success in fostering ideas is difficult. You can have the best idea, but without the effort, effort and time spent on your idea, the chances of success are greatly reduced. Regardless of what your idea is, make sure this idea helps people. Focus on improving the lives of others and be sure that your business will grow.

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