How to set the environment mode of your Google Chromecast

How to set the environment mode of your Google Chromecast

The last update of the Google Home application , released just a few hours ago through Google Play, brings exciting news to Chromecast devices around the world. As of today, the users of the useful transmission device of the “big G” will be able to set the environment mode which is displayed on the television when no type of content is being sent.

Until now, this mode was known as Backdrop , and their options were somewhat limited despite the great potential of this system. Now, finally Google has decided to give the mode in question the importance it deserves , through a series of options that can be configured directly from the Google Home application.

Ambient mode in Chromecast: what it is and how it is configured

When you access the Google Home application in its latest available version, a new option will appear in the menu of the Chromecast device associated with our account, under the name “Environment configuration”. Once inside, all configuration options of the environment mode will be available.

First of all, it will be possible choose where the images come from the environment mode , either from our gallery to turn our TV into a photo frame; from Chromecast’s own art gallery; or the “Experimental” option, which allows you to associate a Facebook or Flickr account, or activate the new low bandwidth mode , intended for those users without a high speed Internet connection. And yes, if you are a power user of the Chromecast, you may have noticed that there is no longer the possibility to choose Google New or Play Newsstand as a source of news to show on the screen.

On the other hand, You can also activate or deactivate the state of the weather and the time , or show or hide the data of personal photos taken from the gallery. Finally, an option is offered to choose the time that passes until the background image changes.

When all the parameters have been configured, the ambient mode will be displayed on the TV with the connected Chromecast showing the images and the chosen information.


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