How to send emails with Gmail that self-destruct over time


Gmail has been adding new features to its application for iOS and Android for quite some time and some may have gone unnoticed by most users. The confidential mode of the Google app is a perfect example of this and is a very interesting tool because, in addition to other options, it allows sending emails that self-destruct over time.

Gmail’s confidential mode is basically a tool that allows you to work with e-mails that are erased alone with the passing of days. In this way Google intends that companies and executives can share sensitive information through the mail app without worrying about who and when can access this information. This mode provides additional protection when sending an email than the traditional mode.

Before using this Gmail mode to send emails that are deleted alone with the passage of time, we warn you that these emails sent in with this tool can not be forwarded, copied, printed or downloaded. This limitation also affects the contents and files attached to the mail.

How to send emails with Gmail that self-destruct over time

Set up Gmail confidential mode

To be able to send emails with an expiration date you have to open the Gmail application for iOS and Androi d and click on the button to write a new email normally. Then it’s time to access the mail settings and, from the top right, click on the 3-point icon to enter the confidential mode of the Google mail application. You will see that the interface changes from red to blue.

How to send emails with Gmail that self-destruct over time

While Gmail’s confidential mode is activated , you can choose the expiration date of the emails, that is, how long they can be deleted automatically. It can be configured in 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months or 5 years. It is striking that you can not choose for hours or that we skip from 3 months to 5 years, but they are the only possibilities offered by Gmail .

After this time the emails sent through the confidential mode will be automatically deleted. However you can always change the expiration date by locating the mail from the sent items tray and shorten the time or increase it. You can also permanently delete the access and renew it again using the same settings.

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