How to root on the OnePlus 6T and unlock your bootloader


There is no doubt that the OnePlus 6T is the smartphone of the moment, having been presented last Monday, now many users are looking for ways to root and customize their user experience to the fullest. Something they can root in the OnePlus 6T unlock their bootloader.

A few hours ago we told you the reasons that OnePlus has given to eliminate some of the features that are missing the users of the new OnePlus 6T , such as the LED notification or water resistance.

How to root in the OnePlus 6T

No doubt part of the great success of OnePlus is the Android scene that supports it, and which is one of the most active in the market. Thanks to her the rooteo of the terminal is something that many do nothing more to receive their new OnePlus, and in this case, we do echo of the information of XDA on how to do it, next to the unlocking of the bootloader. The latter, as you know, is the first thing we must do. For this we must follow the following steps:

  • Make a backup of all the data of your phone , if you have used it before
  • Unlock developer mode by pressing repeatedly on the OnePlus 6T build. In this developer menu we activate “OEM unlocking” or “OEM unlocking”
  • Now we run ADB on the PC, and write the command “fastboot oem unlock”
  • To restart the bootloader we need to type “adb reboot bootloader” or from the recovery menu, pressing for a long time Volume up and down + on

How to root on the OnePlus 6T and unlock your bootloader

Flashear TWRP and Magisk

Once we have unlocked the bootloader, we must install a recovery to load cooked ROMs and Magisk to get even more out of OnePlus 6T, for it we must follow the following steps.

  • Download the latest version of blu_spark TWRP for OxygenOS , both the ZIP file and the .img file
  • We enter the bootloader mode and from ADB we type the following “fastboot boot twrp-3.2.3-x_blu_spark_v9.86_op6.img”
  • Once it has restarted, we write in ADB “adb sideload”
  • We downloaded Magisk for the OnePlus 6T
  • We restarted from TWRP and in ADB we wrote “adb sideload”

All the commands described in the explanation are written without the quotes.

How to root on the OnePlus 6T and unlock your bootloader

In this way we will have unlocked the bootloader, loaded the TWRP recovery and flashed Magisk . Once you have restarted the OnePlus 6T, the mobile will be completely rooted. As is logical, we must be very careful with these steps, since one false can leave our mobile phone brickeado. Without the best way to receive the OnePlus 6T, rooting it and thoroughly enjoying it with all the features that alternative ROMs and Magisk add-ons can give us.

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