How to remove all Google applications from your Android phone


Obsessed with thinking that Google is watching you every step of the way with your mobile? Do not you trust the applications that the manufacturer offers by default on your mobile? Martin Pitt must have thought something similar , so tired of relying on Google applications and services at all times, he decided to format his Nexus 4 and set up a code-free operating system from Mountain View.

The challenge was not going to be easy, since it requires enough knowledge, a lot of configuration and enough patience to get everything to work perfectly. In addition, for all the configuration to work properly, you need your own server on which to install several services, so it is possibly not a task suitable for all types of users. Have you already had the desire not to depend on Google ?

Install an Android version that is not so Google

How to remove all Google applications from your Android phone

The first problem to eradicate is possibly the most important, and it is none other than the operating system itself. Being developed by Google, Android comes with many services and applications of the brand itself, so it is worth nothing to reset the computer and remove applications from Google, as we would continue using other services internally.

The solution is to install a clean operating system in that aspect, and a very good option would be LineageOS . It is a completely free operating system based on Android that comes free of external software and does not depend on Google services or the Play Store. Obviously, this implies the installation of other third-party solutions that allow you to continue using the device as you have done up to now, but luckily there are solutions of all kinds.

Download LineageOS

The complicated part comes with the time to install LineageOS. In the official wiki of the project you have an incredible list of terminals compatible with LineageOS (there are many) and in most cases you will find a step-by-step guide that will explain how to install the installation package on your phone. Normally you need to root the device or, in the best case, enter the recovery mode.

Alternative applications to Google

How to remove all Google applications from your Android phone

The next step could be more laborious, since you will have to find the corresponding applications that replace the Google solutions, but luckily we bring you a small list with which you can have different options to choose from.

  • Gmail : The Google mail manager should delete it, so a good alternative could be the use of a free mail client like OsmAnd”> , completely free and with many options available.
  • Hangouts : You probably have not used Google’s messaging service too much, so we leave you NewPipe” .>
  • Calendar : This is possibly one of the applications that most headaches could give you in this migration to free and free. Pitt recommends can be found in F-Droid , a website that collects free applications that will help you find alternatives to Google at all times. You can also take a look at the article written by Martin Pitt where you can find more details of configurations and other very interesting alternatives that could help you.

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