How to mute someone in a WhatsApp group

How to mute someone in a WhatsApp group

One of the latest developments that have landed in the most used messaging application in the world, is the possibility of, or transform existing groups in this type of channels, where only administrators can send messages. But the truth is that this option can be used for other things, such as mute users of a particular group of.

By default, WhatsApp does not offer – inexplicably – the possibility of silencing members of a group to avoid reading their messages, or to withdraw the writing access to certain members that, for some reason, we wish they could not participate in the conversation. And it has not been until the arrival ofwhen it is finally possible Mute someone in a WhatsApp group And today we will explain how to do it step by step.

Silence users in WhatsApp groups: this is how you can do it

How to mute someone in a WhatsApp group

First of all, it is convenient to comment that, in the group in which you want to silence one or several of the members, you must be as administrator, since the changes you are about to make require advanced privileges. Therefore, it will not be possible to silence someone in a group in which you are only one more member .

Keeping this in mind, it’s time to remove the user in question the permission to send messages in a group , although, at any time, you can continue reading the conversation and the new content that is sent. For this, you will have to follow these steps.

In this way, those members who are not administrators will not be able to send messages to the conversation, and ultimately will be as close to Mute users in WhatsApp groups without having to remove them from the chat that exists today.


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