How to make a baby laugh?

Very few can resist the tender smile of a child, especially his mother. Therefore, we all try to make a baby laugh. In accordance with studies , children can laugh 300 times a day on average up to 6 years of life . Why is this behavior?

Why do babies smile?

How to make a baby laugh?

An article in the magazine Consensus notes that “laughter is a manifestation of the state of pleasure in babies, […] produced by play situations such as tickling”. Nevertheless, Although babies already smile inside the mother’s womb, it does not mean that they have developed a sense of humor or laughter .

In fact, little is known about how babies make the selection of stimuli to perceive humor. For example, it has been found in research that babies of all ages in the study group smiled, regardless of the affection their parents showed.

However, after 5 months of age, paternal stimulation influenced the affection of the babies, and this emotion intensified after 7 months. That is When the parents tried to make their baby laugh, they were more likely to achieve it .

The development of humor and laughter in the baby

In the book Program to improve the sense of humor: Because life with good humor is worth it! Begoña García gives a brief account of the development of humor in babies by age, which we share below:

First month

Babies smile while they sleep. Similarly, they smile in response to stimuli such as touch and soft sounds while being lulled.

Second month

How to make a baby laugh?

The baby signals to external stimuli and smiles in response to human faces.

Third and fourth month

In this stage the baby already masters the art of “talking with smiles” and laughter appears, either by stimuli or by playing with them.

Sixth month

The selectivity of babies increases. The amount of baby smiles will depend on the level of confidence you have with each person. According to some specialists, it is necessary to delve into the subject of laughter in babies.

However, what is known is that laughter in the baby is part of their social development as an important means of communication and an indicator of well-being .

Now that we know about the development of humor and laughter in the little ones it will be easier to find how to make a baby laugh.

How to make a baby laugh?

If he is your little one, you do not have to worry, his first smile is usually dedicated to his mother. But if you need more advanced techniques to get a beautiful smile, here are some tips.

1. The tickles

How to make a baby laugh?

Tickling is one of the simplest techniques for making a baby laugh. This is because touch is the first sensory perception of the baby. This effect is natural because By means of physical contact certain nervous points are activated .

Further, the skin The baby is very soft and sensitive . Therefore, tickling easily produces a response in the child making him smile.

2. A good bath

Babies relax in a comfortable environment. You must take advantage of these moments to make a baby laugh is more likely to smile while calm . A good example occurs during bath time.

If you already have young children, you should know that: Children enjoy water so much that they do not want to leave the tub! And they are used to the watery environment since they were generated. So play with him and you will see that both your son and you will have fun as never before .

3. Toys and stuffed animals

How to make a baby laugh?

For babies everything is new and fantastic. For that reason, move the stuffed animals as if they had life and make them talk they have a lot of fun . It does not matter if you say nonsense things because: Babies love them! Therefore, doing nonsense is valid in an attempt to win a smile from your little one.

4. Peekaboo!

The peekaboo is a very simple game that, in addition to entertaining your baby, it helps you in your intellectual development . Generally, babies already 8 months old can participate in this game. All you need to do is hide your face behind your hands and let him find you.

After a few seconds, discover your face and make some funny gesture or you can say “Pekaboo!”. He will be surprised and start laughing . Although it seems like a silly game, helps the baby learn about the permanence of the object .

Likewise, allows you to distinguish various emotional expressions , develop motor skills, among other benefits. This game also works by hiding objects behind fabrics or pillows.

5. Funny looks

How to make a baby laugh?

From birth, the baby learns to read the faces of his father and mother. In addition, it becomes his mirror, as it happens in a game of mime. For this reason, Another basic trick to make your baby laugh is to throw flirtatious looks or make funny faces .

It may cost some work, but try to get close to 20 or 40 centimeters from your face. Give him a big smile and play! This exercise will allow the child to recognize the different meanings of gestures and it will also serve as a means of expressing body language .

In conclusion, Laughter and smiles are the great gateway to social development and emotional of a baby . We hope that with these tricks you have a lot of fun and more importantly, your relationship will be strengthened.

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