How to listen to the news with your Android and Google Assistant

How to listen to the news with your Android and Google Assistant

What do you use the mobile for? Possibly you will tell me to play your favorite games, to communicate with your friends, to upload photos to Instagram and to read news in your spare time . If you are a person who likes to be informed of everything that happens around you, but you do not have as much time as you would like to sit down and read all the newspapers in your country, you will surely be interested to know that, the virtual assistant of Android, allows you listen to the news of the most relevant media in your country . It is very simple and has many more advantages than you think.

To listen to news from your mobile, all you have to do is open Google Assistant and say “Listen to the news” . Automatically, the assistant will reproduce the news bulletins published by the main means of communication (it depends on the medium to publish more or less), that usually last about four or five minutes . In them, given the idiosyncrasy of the format, newspapers and radio stations condense the most relevant news and tell them in a pleasant and easy to understand way , so you have no excuse for not keeping up with what’s happening in your country.

The assistant itself allows you configure the information sources at pleasure. You just have to press the “News settings” button that appears just after saying “Listen to the news” . In the case of Spain, El País, EsRadio, Onda Cero, COPE, SER, El Confidencial and Público are available. Can mark as many as you want and even reorder the programs so that they are reproduced in the order that you prefer. Thus, you can configure Google Assistant to play El País first, then COPE and finally El Confidencial, for example.

You can close the assistant and play the audios in the background, as if it were a podcast.

And why does it have advantages? Because the consumption of information in radio format allows passive listening . Unlike in the written media, which require you to be reading and pending, thanks to this format you can put headphones and listen to the news while you go on the bus, cook or clean the house. You do not need to have the mobile in front . If you want to be up to date, I recommend you give it a try. The media publish bulletins at all times, usually in the morning, at lunchtime, in the afternoon and at dinner time, so consult the assistant often so you do not miss anything.


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