How to listen and delete all your private conversations recorded by the Google assistant


Virtual assistants are reaching thousands of homes, and with them, doubts about the protection of privacy grow exponentially. Many times it’s better not to know too much not to worry, but if you’re obsessed with knowing what they know about you, you’d better take a look at this article.

Today we are going to tell you how to eliminate all your conversations recorded by the Google assistant , since each time you make a voice query to the assistant, it will record the audio of the question and upload a copy to the cloud. Where is that audio? Can I hear it? And most importantly, can I erase it?

The Google Assistant records everything you say (if you allow it)

How to listen and delete all your private conversations recorded by the Google assistant

First of all, you should reassure yourself, since the assistant is not saving information from external conversations to a query. That is at least what you can check when entering your Google privacy profile in the “My Activity” section , where you can review each and every one of the questions you asked the assistant with the keyword “Ok Google” or after pressing the microphone icon.

If you are a user of several Google products, the history of the “My activity” section will be endless. There you will find the latest videos played on YouTube, Google searches, activity in the Play Store, email … Yes, Google knows everything about you, but you can always make the necessary adjustments so that you know a little less.

The problem is that within my own history I found recordings that had nothing to do with questions or queries, so it seems that by mistake they have been uploading fragments (few seconds) of private conversations for months. Confusion of the assistant or sporadic recordings with which to educate voice recognition? Be that as it may, it is not what I expected.

How to listen to the recordings of the Google assistant

How to listen and delete all your private conversations recorded by the Google assistant

If you apply a filter, you can focus exclusively on the actions related to the Wizard. These results will show you all the queries made to artificial intelligence, although not all will include voice recordings. From here you can play those that include an audio note, and you can also delete them, disappearing from the history and being completely unrecoverable.

Can I prevent my voice from being recorded in the Google cloud?

How to listen and delete all your private conversations recorded by the Google assistant

Yes. Everything related to the privacy of your account can be easily managed from the Google application for Android and iOS. From a browser you can also do so by visiting the web of your Google account , where you can also make a quick review of everything that could affect your level of privacy. In that section, you can adjust the privacy parameters in “privacy review” and decide which Google tools and services can save data related to the way you use the products.

There we will find some adjustments related to the way we use the applications, location history, YouTube (searches and playback), and voice and audio activity , which is what interests us in this case. If we deactivate the monitoring (leave it on pause), the queries will not be recorded again until you allow it again.

Is my privacy in danger with this type of practices?

Google guarantees that all this data is used to improve its own services. The reason for saving audio extracts from your voice is none other than being able to analyze the recordings to improve your voice recognition service. On the other hand, the company guarantees total privacy of the information, and ensures that none of the data is accessible by third parties.

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