How to know if Amazon’s Prime Day offers are really offers

How to know if Amazon's Prime Day offers are really offers

There are only a few days left for the Amazon Prime Day 2018 to be celebrated and may many of us have doubts about the quality of the offers of those who boast. First of all, if you are not clear about what this day consists ofwhere you will find all the information you need about it.

Normally, skepticism usually surrounds this type of promotional days, since it is not the first time that we see large areas modify the prices days or weeks before an event of this magnitude, making you believe that the reductions are much greater than what really They are. That is why today we bring you two tools so you can get the most out of the Amazon Prime Day , an extension for Google Chrome and a app .

The Camelizer

One of the tools that works best for track the prices of Amazon products is, a web practice that results in The Camelizer, the Google Chrome extension of CamelCamelCamel. This tool will allow us to access the historical price chart very quickly , so that, and at a glance, we can see if we are facing a real reduction or even if said product had previously had that promotional price.

How to know if Amazon's Prime Day offers are really offers

In addition to the commented, The Camelizer allows you to set price alerts They will notify you when the product in question reaches your desired price. That’s why, if you buy from your PC, there is no better way to check the prices of the products than using the El Camelizer extension.


On the other hand, if you prefer to have the products that you are always interested in, in order to be able to buy them quickly in the face of sudden price drops, we recommend the Salva app. With Salva you can import your Amazon wish list , compare prices of different products and establish notifications for when you lower the products that interest you.

How to know if Amazon's Prime Day offers are really offers

So Salva can notify you correctly, you need to import a public wish list from Amazon , so you can create a list with all those products for which you expect a rebate during the Prime Day. Once you lower any of the products on the list, you will receive a notification to be the first to get the offer.

We remind you, also, that Prime Day offers are exclusive to Prime service subscribers of Amazon. Still not a Prime member? If you subscribe, you will not only access the Prime Day discounts, but you will also enjoy free shipping on thousands of products and access to services such asor. Further, the first month is free and you can cancel it when you want.

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