How to know how many photos fit in the microSD of your mobile


Maybe you’ve ever wondered how many photos fit in the microSD of a mobile, since it is a very useful way to know how much storage you will need before buying a microSD. Today we bring you a simple and useful Web Application that will help you answer that question.

A few years ago, the storage landscape was very different from what it is today. The low-end smartphones integrated 4 GB of storage, the average range moved between 8 and 16 GB and if we had a smartphone with 32 GB capacity, we belonged to a privileged part of the population that did not need to use a microSD on your smartphone.

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Today both RAM and storage has grown incredibly in our devices, which allows to install many applications or very heavy applications in our phones; but even so, it is quite convenient to install a microSD in a mobile phone, since it is the ideal storage solution for all those files of little importance that we receive through the messaging applications and for the photographs that we make with our smartphone, leaving the internal memory for applications and thus avoid saturating the storage of our device.

Find out what microSD you need with Memory Card Calculator

If you have ever gone to an electronics store or are giving yourself a lift through an online store, you have certainly doubted what microSD buy . Types of memory cards are many, but if what you like is photography, most of them will do the job unless you work in RAW format and with quite high resolutions.

How to know how many photos fit in the microSD of your mobile

To help you with your decision you can take a look at ” memorycardcalculator “, A simple web where we can choose a memory card size, select if we are going to make (or receive) photos in JPEG or RAW quality and the resolution of the images or photos.

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Once the parameters are selected, we will only have to click on the calculate button , and the web will inform us of how many photos we can store in a microSD of certain capacity.

How to know how many photos fit in the microSD of your mobile

This website is useful for anyone who is going to buy a microSD but we find it especially useful for those amateur photographers They want a card capable of storing their photo collection for a long time and that they also have an approximate knowledge of the amount of photos they usually take from time to time.

If you did not already know this website, we recommend that you take a look at it, it is as simple as it is practical.

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