How to install the best Android gestures and remove the navbar on any phone

How to install the best Android gestures and remove the navbar on any phone

As you well know,and we have. Some of you have told us that you should not criticize a beta, and you will see what happens in the final version , but the problem is not that they are errors in Google itself, but that they are polishing functions by the wrong way . The gestures force, by common sense, to eliminate the navigation bar, and the redesign of the button back , it makes it clear that this is not going to happen.

For all those who want real gestures, on any phone with or without navbar , we have the perfect solution. Currently, after having tried all the gestures systems -iOS, Xiaomi, OnePlus …-, we can tell you that OnePlus gestures are the best there are currently . They are faster than the iPhone itself, have been polished a lot , after a couple of OTAs, and you can have them on any phone .

How to have the best gestures on your mobile

As you can see in this little clip, the gestures of the OnePlus 6 are brutal . A swipe up makes us return to home, the swipe in the sides makes us go back, and a swipe up maintained invoke multitasking. The best thing is the speed at which it does it, and the very low error rate. To have these gestures, you have to make an outlay of just over one euro . We assure you that it is the best purchase you are going to make in your life, and for this ridiculous price, it does not make sense not to buy the application , since it is updated a lot, and constantly improves.

The first thing you have to do is. As we said, has a single payment of 1.59 euros, and is compatible with almost all Android, no matter the range. Once you download the app, configure it to your liking, and you will have gestures on your phone. Default comes configured with the OnePlus 6 gestures , but you can put the ones you want.

How to install the best Android gestures and remove the navbar on any phone

Now, play Remove the navigation bar from your Android , that uploads the applications and takes space from the screen. Within the application that you have downloaded, you will see a section to hide the navigation bar . When you press, you will get a message saying that you install, quiet, it’s totally free . If you are root, the app can hide the navigation bar, otherwise, you will have to do it by ADB console. Do not be scared if you’ve never done this, is to enter a code from the computer and ready .

You need to have the ADB drivers downloaded to your PC. You can download themif you have Windows, or by entering this code in the MacOS Terminal, which will cause the drivers to download.


Well, you already have the drivers. Now, you must go to the settings of your phone, phone information, compilation number, and thus activate the development options . Within these development options , you have to activate the USB debugging or USB Debugging , so that the PC can communicate with your mobile. Ready! Now connects the mobile to the PC, on , and when your smartphone asks for permission, give it to trust this PC.

How to install the best Android gestures and remove the navbar on any phone

Now, you must open a command console. If you use Windows, give to shift + right click on the folder where you have installed the ADB , if you use MacOS, you just have to type “Terminal” in the search engine . In both consoles the procedure is the same, so let’s go there.

  • Writes adb devices . This will allow you to check if the mobile is connected or not to the command console

  • If so, write now adb shell

  • The code name of your terminal will appear, with the space for you to write the code

  • Write the following code: pm grant com.ivianuu.hidenavbar android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

  • If it does not work like this, you can try writing it directly: adb -shell pm grant com.ivianuu.hidenavbar android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS , skipping the step of writing adb shell independently

  • Ready!

How to install the best Android gestures and remove the navbar on any phone

What you just did, is through ADB, grant write permissions to the process com.ivianuu.hidenavbar, which is responsible for hiding the navigation bar. This means that the application is not spending battery in the background, nor do you have to do this when you reboot the phone. The code makes the bar permanently hidden , if you want it to come back, you just have to uninstall the app.

Done this, you already have your phone with gestures and without navigation bar . At first it may seem strange, but as soon as you get used to it, we assure you that you do not want to touch a mobile phone with a navigation bar.


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