How to improve the volume of your Android mobile


A few days ago we would introduce you to the mobile phones with the best sound on the market , but if you want to enjoy a good sound on your phone, you do not have to pay for it either. You can always follow any of the following tips that we leave you below or install an application to Improve the volume of your Android mobile .

Getting the best sound experience depends on many factors. If you have already accessed the mobile settings and applied the best sound settings and have tested with equalizers and music playback applications, you can still do something else to improve the volume on Android .

Add new volume levels to your smartphone

Before installing apps …

It may seem silly, but the first thing you should know if you want your smartphone to sound better is to locate the speaker of it. And it is that today Many phones “simulate” having speakers stereo using two loudspeaker grilles, but often only one of them reproduces sound. If your speaker is locked, the sound quality will be low or nonexistent.

There should not be too many places where the speaker of the mobile can hide so to improve the volume of the mobile, first locate it by executing some song or constant sound. Once you know if your speakers are facing towards the front, at the bottom or at the back, you can place your smartphone in one or another position to better project the sound .

How to improve the volume of your Android mobile

In addition, this directly affects the use of housings and covers. If you are used to buying “unofficial” accessories, you will know that the covers do not always fit perfectly, but they can also block key components such as the loudspeaker. . Before buying a housing or installing an app to improve the volume of Android , check that nothing prevents the passage of sound.

GOODEV Volume Amplifier Test

There is an application (among many others) that allows improve the volume on Android , although it affects the reproduction of multimedia contents and not the ringing tone. We talk about GOODEV volume amplifier , an app that you should use sparingly so as not to damage your ears (when using headphones) or your smartphone’s speakers.

How to improve the volume of your Android mobile

The operation of it allows you to increase the power of the sound emitted by movies, games and songs on your smartphone when the volume is at its maximum level. The app is compatible with Android 4.4 and higher and can be downloaded for free.

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