How to hide my IP through a VPN on the mobile


In the era of privacy, many people no longer trust navigating the Internet without some protection. The use of VPNs in the PC is quite widespread but the connected device par excellence is already the mobile. And there many do not know what a good VPN on the mobile can bring: the privacy of keeping hidden data like your IP . But the challenge is also to find the right one, and that’s where websites like

I want to use a VPN in my mobile, which one do I choose?

That’s where the big question comes. The offer on the Internet is huge and, although there are not many, there are some VPNs in which everything that glitters is not gold. To look for a set” up a vpn> , the step is as simple as finding one that suits us, that has applications for Android or iOS, download and install them on our mobile. Then, just add the user and password that we have registered in the service and activate the application.

Most act in the background and just consume memory and battery, but we must bear in mind that it is a process that is working all the time. Automatically, when activating these applications we will connect to the network of secure VPN servers and our communications will be encrypted, which will make our IP stop being visible to anyone who wants to impersonate us on the Internet.

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